Bring Us New Talents and Travel to Bali

Bring Us New Talents and Travel to Bali


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NOTICE: The External Referral program is currently not active. Please come back to this page at a later date.

One week in Bali with all expenses paid sounds thrilling, right?

Assist us in hiring new talents in Krakow and win this amazing travel package!

Steps to follow:

  1. See vacancies in Krakow on the page below and think about people you know who might be a perfect fit for those positions.
  2. Fill out the Referral Form on the page below to make the application process easier.
  3. Submit required information and you are done!

For every successful referral that joins our team, you will get an iPad Pro and enter the “Bali Hunting” Program!

Check open vacancies in Krakow

What are the Prizes?

  1. Throughout this program, we will give away one guaranteed iPad Pro per each successful referral (you get iPad Pro for the first referral and for each next successful referral you get iPad Pro or a similar tech gift of equivalent price of your choice).
  2. At the end of the program, every referrer who has at least one successful referral will get a chance to win a 1-week trip to Bali for 2 people!iRefer program Krakow Poland

Who can Participate?

The Referral program is open for anyone who wants to apply or to refer someone suitable for the vacancies we have for our Krakow office. But keep in mind, your application and/or referrals are considered valid only for Middle or Senior positions.

What’s Next?

After you send your referrals, you will receive a response from Symphony Solutions regarding the validity of your referral and possible future steps. If your referrals and considered valid, you will be updated about the progress on a weekly basis. On the first working day of your referral, Symphony Solutions will contact you to inform you about the successful referral. And later again, after 2 months if the candidate continues working you can claim your prize.

Anyone can participate and apply and/or refer as many people as they want. Each referral will be valid for 3 months. However, a referral is considered valid if the candidate is not in Symphony Solutions’ database yet. If the candidate’s information already exists in our database, it must be a person we haven’t contacted in the past 3 months.

Other instances where the recommendation will not be considered valid are when the information about the candidate is false, inaccurate and/or irrelevant. Or when a candidate sent a CV himself/herself during the last 1 month, but was not contacted by a Symphony Solutions recruiter.

What is a Successful Referral

In order for you to win an iPad Pro, your application or referral has to be considered successful. A successful referral means the person you recommended was offered the job you recommended them for, accepted, and worked in Symphony for 2 months. After that period, you will be contacted by a Symphony Solutions representative to discuss whether you won an iPad and how you can receive it.

For a candidate to be offered a position with Symphony, they must succeed in the interview process. After the technical interview we will define their level. If the candidate’s level turns out to be lower than Middle, and is offered a Junior position, that will be considered an unsuccessful referral and the referrer will not win an iPad. Also, the referrer will not receive a prize if they are recommending a person for a vacancy that is not included in the Referral program. If you make an unsuccessful referral, you will be notified within a day of your submission.

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