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Poland is home to some of the most prominent IT conferences. From Python-focused PyCon to developer-friendly DevConf. There’s an event for all kinds of specialists, but what’s so “hot” about the JDD conference? With more than 900 attendees yearly, it’s a paradise for Java enthusiasts, professionals, and tinkerers.

JDD was a two-day meetup that offers a series of Java-related talks presented by world-renowned experts. The conference explored many topics including message-driven applications, background automation, script optimization, and more. Unlike other Java conferences, JDD invites software developers, automation specialists, DevOps, and other specialists that use Java.

Symphony Solutions at JDD meetup in Poland


With more people attending the event yearly, the conference hosts some of the most wanted specialists in their respective industry. Notable ones are:

Vitaliy Kulikov –  Developing innovative ideas at Symphony Solutions, Vitaliy likes to explore perspective technologies and architectures in IT industry. He always aims to improve quality of software, and is always analyzing code from different angles. Due to his unconventional methods, he often comes up with clever workarounds that accelerate development process tenfold.

Vitaliy Kulikov at JDD, Poland

Tomasz Nurkiewicz – Expert in all things Java. Tomasz spent half of his life programming back-ends, creating data visualizations, and revising bad code. He devotes his free time to open-source projects, blogging, and writing books. His latest book, RxJava for O’Reilly is a commercial success among developers.

Sławomir Sobótka – An active trainer and consultant at Bottega IT Solutions, Slawomir specializes in Java EE technologies. He often integrates Domain Driven Designs (DDD), and overriding principles to recognize the class of the problem. Expert at solving complex, user-driven issues, Slawomir has made a name for himself on StackOverflow.

Patrick Kua – CTO at Bank N26 (Berlin, Germany), Patrick is constantly developing software solutions to change the way bank operations are made. Patrick has written three books that focus on Java, agile principles and software architectures.

Two Days Of Java

This year, speakers focused on why household names such as Facebook, GitHub, and Pinterest embraced GraphQL. Why would one make use of serverless designs to address specific architectural needs? Cybersecurity was also covered, as many experts explained how the internet has evolved, why basic cryptography is no longer effective, what attack vectors hackers use, and why developers should enforce user authentication to prevent security breaches.

Symphony Solutions cow mascot, JDD, Poland

Symphony Solutions, as a proud sponsor of the event, had a particular interest in the meetup. A quarter of Symphony engineers use Java technology to solve a variety of problems. With more companies shifting towards object-oriented programming, it is critical to keep up with the technology and understand the latest trends. The event showed participants many things that aren’t in the books, and hopefully, more people will come next year!

Symphonians at JDD, Poland

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