Premier Cloud Solutions with HPE

Premier Cloud Solutions with HPE

Symphony Solutions is building a lasting partnership with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, as their primary vendor for Continuous Compliance and Cost Control cloud solutions.
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About project

About project

Symphony Solutions initially started its cooperation in 2016 with CTP (Cloud Technology Partners), a premier cloud services and software company for enterprises moving to AWS, Google, Microsoft, and other leading cloud platforms.

In 2019 Hewlett Packard enterprise finalized the acquisition of CTP and Symphony Solutions started its journey with HPE. Since then, Symphony Solutions has been actively involved in helping HPE GreenLake develop their most prominent services for managing compliance and overspending that a company might face in its cloud transformation journey.

Case Study: Hybrid Cloud Environment

Case Study: Hybrid Cloud Environment

Symphony Solutions helped implement a multi-cloud environment to provide speedy migration services to clients with AWS and Azure.

The teams, together with CTP, built a Cloud Automation Framework that allowed quick implementation of services for new clients and an increase in the overall quality of delivery. The deployed infrastructure is compliant with all security and reliability needs leveraging the best practices, such as VM hardening, Centralized Logging, and Network Security.

"What I like the most, after working here almost 5 years, is that we are friendly and supportive with amazing team spirit that is even visible for newcomers. We spend a lot of time together whether we work or have fun or work with fun, anywhere, anytime. It motivates, inspires and builds friendly long relationships with trust and respect. That is the team where you want to stay and feel that you are a part of this great family."
Yulia Hudyma

Yulia Hudyma

QA engineer at HPE project
"It's really great to be a part of this team. Everyone is very open and ready to help. What also inspires me is that we are closely integrated with the HPE part and the collaboration with the management is really open and easy. There is a huge extended team within the HPE, and you can learn a lot from others and share some of your thoughts. Our customer is very supportive of all our suggestions and takes into account our ideas. It's a pleasure to work with such a client and within a great team."
Yuriy Kovalchuk

Yuriy Kovalchuk

SDM/UI developer at HPE project
The Growth of a Partnership

The Growth of a Partnership

Starting in 2016, the client has expanded their partnership with Symphony Solutions from a small team of engineers to over 30 cloud experts operating in self-managed Scrum teams. Even now, the partnership continues to grow.

Throughout the years of cooperation, Symphony Solutions helped HPE Greenlake to deliver services to the end clients, such as IHeartMedia and many others, designing solutions to help streamline existing business processes.

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Client about Symphony Team

“The teams went above and beyond with their delivery. Their designs and implementations have consistently exceeded our expectations, Symphonians have worked tirelessly to accommodate less-than-complete requirements and requests from the HPE Team. Team members were constantly bringing up a lot of good enhancement ideas and were able to work through uncertainty and complexity with ease which raises our profile in the organization as a whole.”
“The team that we work with, looks beyond the given tasks and takes initiative where it’s needed. They take on the project with great interest and vigor. We got a lot more from this collaboration than expected when we first started working with the company. Simply put, they took our product to the next level. I can honestly state that I don't believe we would have a functional solution without the work Symphony has completed for us.”
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the team structure?
Symphony team is mostly focused on the development process, closely integrated with the HPE Continuous Compliance team. The team is situated partly in Macedonia and in Ukraine. For Continuous Compliance and Continuous Cost Control, we work in cross-functional autonomous Scrum teams (around 6 people per team) consisting of backend (Java), frontend (React) software developers, manual and automation QAs, supported by Cloud Architects (Azure and AWS). For SAP HANA Service, Symphony Solutions provides a team of highly skilled DevOps/SysOps that cooperate based on Agile principles and methodologies.
Java, Spring boot, spring data, hibernate for backend. MySQL, Docker, Redis, AWS (sqs, sns), React, Redux, React-query, Grommet for frontend.
The project is in the development and optimization phase. We have new features on the horizon. Also, every time we're looking for improvements and using new better approaches and techniques.

Why Interesting

We’re constantly improving our development environment and exploring the new tools/frameworks and libraries in order to make the developers life more interesting and our end product more effective.

Key Points of The Project


Leading SAFe, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager, SAFe for Teams, Agile Fundamentals


Java, Spring boot,
React, Redux


Development 50%
Debugging 30%
Meetings 10%
Documentation 10%.

What Symphony Solutions Has Done for HPE

Symphony Solutions cloud architecture team provided a broad range of services for HPE, mainly they:

  • significantly improved delivery processes, such as development and quality assurance.
  • prepared and guided scenarios for compliance gap analysis, and remediation steps.
  • successfully integrated into HPE GreenLake architecture team and other development teams.
  • set up the development process and diversified the roles for frontend, backend, QA, AQA, instead of previously embraced full-stack.
  • designed and developed a completely new solution for the Continuous compliance tool with improved algorithms and security, creating a new microservice architecture.

Symphony Solutions significantly improved the project process by introducing Lean and Agile philosophies. This deep expertise with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has helped multiple clients plan and operate more carefully, identify problem areas more quickly, speed up release, and ultimately build revenue.

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