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How We Celebrated Service Design Day 2019

Every June 1, the Service Design Network celebrates Service Design Day — a world-wide event bringing together people from different backgrounds and disciplines to share and experience the power of service design. The theme for 2019 was “Giving back to the community” –  or contributing to those in need and act for the common good.

This year Symphony Solutions, supported by the international service design community in Ukraine, joined the network of service design practitioners by hosting the first-ever Service Design event in Ukraine, titled: Service Design Day: Bringing Back to the Community, a 2-day jam session, where participants get hands-on knowledge from service design professionals and work on an actual challenge.

How it Works

  • There is 1 stakeholder
  • There are 5 teams
  • Each team has 2 days to come up with a solution
  • They get mentorship from trainers
  • There is one winning team

After a brief introduction and inspiration, each team begins planning and working on its solution. They have 2 days to complete the challenge and only one team wins.

The Stakeholder

Zero Waste Lviv!

Zero Waste Lviv Community, a social initiative created in 2016, working on minimization and prevention of waste generation was the participating organization at SDD Lviv 2019. The nonprofit was selected based on its role in the community and how this project would benefit its constituents.

The SDD Squad

2 trainers and 2 mentors!

Kateryna Zaiko, Design Competency Manager at Symphony Solutions and one of the trainers at SDD Lviv 2019 talked about the power of service design, ecosystem mapping, research board, observation, and interviewing techniques.

When asked “How she got involved into the Service Design story?”, she simply replied:

I love working and creating useful products for the community. We had amazing participants and I really enjoyed working with all of them. I truly hope that this event will shape us to move forward and help us grow the community of service design professionals in Ukraine.

Andrey Milinevskiy, CX Design founding partner and trainer at the SDD Lviv also gave his fair share about the true potential of service design and enjoyed sharing his expertise and skills with the participants.

Oleg Slyusarchuk, Head of ELEKS Product Design, conducted the exercises on framing and ideation, while Slava Shestopalov, Lead Designer at ELEKS, gave an introduction on user modeling, prototyping, and testing.

The Result

Five solutions – one winner!

Over the course of two days, 5 teams of enthusiasts were working under a tight schedule to help create a service design concept that will include prevention practices of waste generation and responsible consumption. Some of the idea concepts included solutions for reusable eco-bags in supermarkets, reusable cups in coffee-to-go shops and loyalty discount programs for using eco-friendly bags.

From a Zero Waste representative:

The 2-day jam session at Symphony Solutions was a learning experience for all of us.  Inspired by great ideas and people, we look forward to implementing many of their suggestions in the future.

Service Design Day is a fantastic way to highlight all of the awesome things that make the practice of Service Design unique including ideation, rapid prototyping, and co-creation. Stay tuned for more events like these in the future!

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