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How to Ensure Effective Learning and Knowledge/Skills Retention?

Well, according to one of the approaches, the Learning pyramid, 90 % knowledge retention rate is due to teaching others or immediate use of a recently- received knowledge or skills. To be frank, the learning pyramid has caused some disputes. However for us, the believers, the mix of passive and interactive forms of learning is THE way. Fit-for-purpose learning, meaning it depends on the occasion, the need and the target group. So, we create possibilities for various approaches. For almost two years now TechHub at Symphony Academy has served as a platform for most effective learning while….teaching others! Here`s what we had on Mar, 23:

TechHub by Dmytro Borchuk – “Angular from scratch”

TechHub by Dmytro Borchuk Angular from the scratchTechHub by Dmytro Borchuk Angular from the scratch

What about:

Angular – lots of ways to do the same thing

Angular – deploy your MVP faster

Angular – troubleshooting

“Within this report I talked about why and how we use Angular. Which problems we face during the process of development and how we solve them. I also talked about the Best practices and things that are not recommended to do.” – Dmytro Borchuk


At the same time, fair enough, majority of people prefer the passive way of learning, especially at the end of the work day, and it comes to just keeping updated with the latest trends in the world. We create the conditions and it is up to Symphonians to choose.

We have joined the largest gathering of the Google Cloud Platform community to explore the latest developments in the cloud technology! GCP Next – the biggest Google cloud platform conference (San Francisco) is available at Symphony Solutions through online translation. Data and Analytics, Infrastructure and Operations, App and Services Development and Solutions Showcase – all this and many interesting technical sessions were represented.GCP Next – the biggest Google cloud platform conference

“Effective teams” or when 1+1 = 11?

Yeah, we mean team synergy when team performance is more than a sum of individual performance of its members. What happens when you create conditions for colleagues to learn about themselves, about each other and do it all together at the same time… while having fun?   A set of team-building activities for Finance Department on Mar, 23 was the other event in the category “Effective teams”. Team-building activities? ‘Really?’, asked my friend. ‘Isn’t it too simple?’Ever heard of 20/80? It’s when 20% of efforts give 80% of realization. Benefits:

– People relax and have fun

– While relaxed, our most hidden patterns of behaviors come out

– The safe environment for self-reflection and learning is created

– The atmosphere of laughter is best for sharing and feedback

– Trust is being built and motivation grows

– Playing is one of the best ways of learning as it enables us to think “outside the box”, to act creatively, to experiment with problem-solving approaches.


Effective Teams TrainingEffective Teams Training