Sharing the Future<br>of Mobility
Sharing the Future<br>of Mobility

Sharing the Future
of Mobility

From a vision to groundbreaking projects - create software solutions for local public transport companies with the latest technologies, methods, and processes.

About Client

HanseCom, a member of the INIT Group, develops software solutions for local public transport companies in Germany and worldwide. They are experts for supra-regional mobile ticketing, mobility platforms and customer management systems.
Backed by many years of experience in the industry, HanseCom supports more than 60 transport companies and networks in managing their sales processes and the sale of mobile tickets.
HanseCom shapes mobility for the users of tomorrow
About the project

About the project

HanseCom’s dedicated and motivated team of experts develops solutions for modern urban mobility​, digitalizing public transport from electronic tickets to mobility as a service. The company serves the public transportation sector with its many years of experience developing high-quality, forward-looking software solutions.

Symphony Solutions is a reliable partner when it comes to delivering excellent added development capacity, which brings significant momentum to our development effort. All developers are extremely motivated and highly skilled. Our team knows no borders, from Belarus and Germany to Ukraine!
Sebastian Neil Hölken
Managing Director, HanseCom
The additional colleagues enable us to advance our “Mobility Platform” and “Abo-Online” projects even faster. The team brings new perspectives and fresh ideas to the table, allowing us to deliver excellent, innovative solutions to our customers.
Kay Pätzold
Director New Mobility, HanseCom
Each project is a wonderful opportunity to make everything as it should be. We have a vast variety of technologies and tools at our disposal. Together, as a harmonious team, we discuss issues and exchange ideas to deliver amazing results.
Andrei Badun
Team Lead Java Developer, HanseCom
Partnership with Symphony​

Partnership with Symphony​

Start of partnership: 2021​
Teams and roles:​
  • HandyTicket Deutschland: iOS Software Engineer​
  • ABO-Online: PHP Software Engineer​
  • Urban Mobility Platform: 6 Java Software Engineers​
Development and communication processes:​
  • Agile (UMP) and Kanban (HandyTicket, ABO) with two weeks sprints​
  • Daily standups, Sprint Demo and Retrospective​
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What tech stack do you use?
Objective-C, Swift, Java 17, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Microservices, Kubernetes, Kafka​
HanseCom Urban Mobility Platform​ connects passengers with any type of mobility service provider​. The passengers get easy access to ticketing​, routing and real-time information​, central payment​, etc. HanseCom team has approved and created the architecture and infrastructure of the Urban Mobility platform. It’s working to complete and deploy MVP for the potential customers in the EU and US.
HandyTicket Deutschland connects various frontends and apps to a number of mobility service providers across different regions.​ The team has integrated the new flexible ticketing technologies with further integration to the new mobility platform​ planned.
Agile (UMP) and Kanban (HandyTicket, ABO) with two weeks sprints​. Daily standups, Sprint Demo and Retrospective.


Work with a team of dedicated and motivated experts to create solutions for the mobility of tomorrow by using the latest technologies and processes in an Agile environment.



Leading SAFe, SAFe Scrum Master, SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager, SAFe for Teams, Agile Fundamentals


Objective-C / SWIFT / Java 17 / Spring Boot / PostgreSQL / Microservices

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