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Drive for Learning: A Key Strategy for Staying Relevant in IT

On Wednesday, March 30, an interactive lecture by Tom Dybsky (a Harvard Business School consultant) was held at Symphony Solutions.

Interactive lecture by Tom Dybsky, a Harvard Business School consultant

It was one of those thought-provoking events in our Lviv office which makes you reflect and assess your own practices. It was being streamed for our colleagues in Macedonia!

Continuous learning is one of the Symphony Solutions organisational values. The lecture on “Drive for learning: a key strategy for staying relevant in IT” just nailed it! Tom with his 38 years of experience in private and public sectors, while wearing many hats, spelled out why ongoing learning ensures the future for you. Tom presented 5 strategies on constant learning. He explained how Symphony Solutions currently provides all opportunities for continuous learning through its organizational strategies and he shared how everyone may adopt individual strategies. He exhaustively answered the questions about learning to learn and what it took him to reach in his career where he is. In ever-busy life of an IT specialist, time seems to be so precious. Learning to learn techniques can save time and energy necessary for learning. We finished up nicely with an accelerated learning exercise to leave the audience with one more pro bono 🙂

It accumulated and multiplied our learning which was presented back by the audience. Our Macedonian colleagues also participated in the exercised and provided feedback through Skype their answers.

Interactive lecture by Tom Dybsky, a Harvard Business School consultant

As we had a number of “LEAD” course participants in the audience, so the last part of Tom’ lecture was on how to build high performing teams. It stipulated some questions. And one of the tools is… co-learning! We finish on this note. And there will be the whole chapter on co-learning.


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