CSR annual report: Essential part of company focus in 2020

CSR annual report: Essential part of company focus in 2020


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As the year 2020 has come to an end, we looked back at all the ups and downs, and summed up the challenges and achievements that came with it. For Symphony Solutions it was a year like no other. It brought about changes within the company that reflected the new composition of the world facing a health crisis. We rediscovered our values and remembered what trust and integrity truly stand for.

Symphony Care is our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program that stands as an important factor in establishing a corporate culture that nurtures accountability and social indifference. Symphonians always show great interest in these activities and take an active part in promoting eco awareness, donating to charity and doing helping out the community.

Through the year, Symphony Solutions was actively doing charity work and taking care of those in need, extending our helping hand to those most vulnerable and voiceless.

This help came in many forms – from rescuing stray kittens to rolling out an extensive campaign for the support of women’s rights and fight against domestic violence alongside the NO MORE project.

A new initiative was the Symphony Mental Health Program, developed in collaboration with the corporate psychologists to support Symphonians in these uncertain times and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude.

“This is a great initiative and I’m proud to be part of it. In the time of quarantine, it was crucial to shift the focus to caring for oneself, your loved ones, and the people who need it. I’m grateful to Symphony for this opportunity,”

– Anna Ruda, Advent Calendar Winner

Prompted by the new circumstances, Symphony Solutions created and brought to life a whole new concept of a virtual office Symphony Anywhere. This has proven to be an efficient and progressive development in the face of a rapidly changing world and rising anguish.

Symphony Solutions remains determined in completing its mission of developing and maintaining a sustainable working environment and serving the community.

There is no deed too small to make a difference.

Click here to get the digital version of the report.

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