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Create Your Own Robot at Symphony Solutions

A special event was held at Symphony Solutions! Boteon, the robotics educational center was opened on April 10th. What does this mean? From now on, Lviv pupils can create their own robots!

Although it sounds unbelievable, first lectures have already taken place on 16th, April. Biomedical Electronics is the name of the course where children can learn the ways different sensors work. They will get introduced with sensors for measuring pulse, ones for nerve impulses and humidity, and will even create lie detectors.

Create your own robot at Symphony Solutions


The course is expected to become the type of an ordinary school subject. For convenience’ sake, participants will be divided into groups, according their age, however, all of them will have the same classes. The knowledge that the pupils will receive is going to be regularly checked in special competitions. Children groups will have special tasks and projects which later will be presented to their lecturers twice a year.

Create your own robot at Symphony Solutions


There are already robotics educational centers in Cherkassy, Odessa, Kiev and Kharkiv and the organizers are not going to stop, so the new ones are to appear soon in other cities. Symphony Solutions is happy to support such an initiative in Lviv!

Create your own robot participants


Create your own robot


Turns out the future is closer than we expected, isn’t it?

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