Clutch Recognizes Symphony Solutions as Top B2B Company

Clutch Recognizes Symphony Solutions as Top B2B Company


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Symphony Solutions, a digital transformation company headquartered in the Netherlands, was recognized by Clutch as one of the top b2b service providers in the Netherlands. This is especially significant because their list includes 31 companies – marketing, design, development and IT.  This means that all companies are in a wider selection realm than their own specialties, which seems to enhance each company’s inclusion on the list.

From Founder Theo Schnitfink

“Symphony Solutions is proud to be recognized by Clutch, especially since our culture and our people value client relationships as the main focus of their attention.  To see this coming back to us through our clients’ feedback is very heartwarming and satisfying.”

It is also significant because Symphony Solutions does not cultivate awards and recognition.  It cultivates people and the unique culture in which they thrive.  The people, in turn, service the clients.

Clutch describes the selection process as, “interviewing each company’s clients to evaluate work quality and client feedback.”

Of particular note were two such Symphony clients:  Virtualstock and Sportsbook Gambling Company, both UK clients.

When asked by Clutch, “How did you come to work with Symphony Solutions”,

the reply from Virtualstock was,

They were working with another colleague, and a friend of mine recommended them to me.  The principal is also a long-time colleague and friend that I trust.  Listen to Symphony when you start working with them, because they are highly experienced in agile development and a highly distributed environment. “

Sportsbook Gambling Company replied,

One of my colleagues had previously worked with Symphony for 3 – 4 years.  I met them in 2014.  We liked how they approached the business and their ability to influence the way processes were driven.  They have passion around engineering and their management team.  They’ve delivered work for us under extremely difficult circumstances.”

This points to another difference about Symphony Solutions.  They do not pursue new business.  All business comes from trusted referrals. And because of the nature of the service, these businesses expand.

Perhaps this is why Symphony Solutions has never lost a client.

But maybe this is all similar to most IT companies in Europe and Eastern Europe, perhaps they all work the same and in similar styles.

But we don’t think so.  Neither does Clutch.

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