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Celebrate Agile Space 2nd Anniversary On November 3


The Agile Space anniversary event – Unconference 2.0, which took place in Symphony Solutions Open Space on November 3, was an opportunity to mingle with keynote members of the community over a full day of various discussions, fun and games for all attendees.

Agile Space – Unconference 2.0

An unconference is a conference organized and led by the people attending it. All attendees and organizers are encouraged to become participants, with discussion leaders providing moderation and structure for attendees. In fact, Symphony Solutions contributed with two moderators and specialists in Agile methodology.


From Kseniya Kobryn, Founder of Agile Space platform and moderator at Unconference:

Today Agile is not about Scrum only. Everything is changing, growing and evolving. Unconference 2.0 Transform & Scale was great time and place to meet people who are defining and mastering their Agile journey. Thank you all guys for your special topics, openness, curiosity and drive.

From Dariusz Klupi, Scrum Master at Symphony Solutions and moderator at Unconference:

I like unconferences as they are the workshops of self-organisation and knowledge sharing fairs. It’s almost magical to observe how value emerges from nearly nothing to something tangible. Grows organically around super light predefined structures. Personally, I appreciated an opportunity to pollinate Agile Space crowd with practice extending concepts focused mostly on the soft skills (Nonviolent Communication, leadership maturity mind-sets and systems thinking). Finally, it was pleasure to be part of community of Lviv Agile leaders (also future ones) and advanced practitioners.

Unconference program

The Unconference 2.0 started with an Open Space as a place for attendees to sign up and suggest topics. Symphony moderators also participated in the topic suggestions for the event.

After the introduction, the stage was set and attendees were divided into 4 teams. Each team had 45 minutes to discuss on 4 topics such as Kanban, Agile for Executives, Leadership Maturity and many more. At the end, participants tested their own Agility Score.

Happy anniversary to Agile Space

In the end, all participants raised a glass and celebrated Agile Space 2nd anniversary with a birthday cake and good spirits!

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