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Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2018

Starting your career in software development is becoming more and more attractive as the coding industry keeps growing. Making the right choice which programming languages to learn is anything but easy. There are many lists you can check for most popular programming languages or top paying programming languages. But, choosing the niche that’s worth your time and effort to master depends on many factors.

Usually, programmers who try to expand their skills base their decisions on a few factors:

  •   salary,
  •   job opportunities,
  •   future prospects – tendency the language to become more in-demand,
  •   easy to learn and fun to work with.

Regardless of whether you are new to coding, or just want to expand your skills, we have created a short list detailing five of the most in-demand programming languages on the market.

JavaScript: Most popular scripting language

According to StackOverflow’s annual survey, with over 60% of respondents claiming to use it, JavaScript is the most popular language.

JavaScript enables you to build interactive websites. Alongside HTML and CSS, it has become one of the essential web technologies since most browsers implement it in some way.

Additionally, JavaScript powers plenty of front-end frameworks such as Angular, React, Ember, Backbone, and others; as well as the Node.js run-time environment, which allows you to run JavaScript on the backend with high efficiency. JavaScript usage has extended to include mobile app, game, and desktop app development.

So it is safe to say that JavaScript is widely used, and there will be no shortage of job opportunities in 2018 and beyond.

Python: Server side programming language developers love

Python is a general purpose, server side language which is present almost everywhere today.

You can find it in web applications, desktop apps, network servers, machine learning, media tools and more. Code written in Python is clear, easily readable, and well-structured. The proper indentation determines code execution. In the last several years, Python-based frameworks like Django and Flask have become more and more popular. The language also has machine learning and data analysis libraries like Scikit-learn and Pandas. It is a good choice for beginners since it is easy to read and understand.

Moreover, there are many different career paths Python developers can choose from, and it seems the language is here to stay.

Java: Most used among Fortune 500 Companies  

It is no contest that Java is the most popular programming language out there – 90% of Fortune 500 companies use it.

It is very practical to learn as it was designed to bypass the complexity of C++. In addition, it is highly portable thanks to its powerful Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which makes it cross-platform compatible. Among the most popular career paths with Java are: back-end developer, Android developer, big data developer, embedded system engineer.

Even though Java is not very ‘trendy’ at the moment, it is so heavily used that we can guarantee it will not go away in the next decade and beyond.

Swift: High-level iOS and macOS programming language

Swift is one of the newer programming languages released by Apple in 2014.

As such, it is the language for developing native iOS and macOS applications. The language is considered an improvement in terms of usability and performance compared to Objective C. It operates as a high-level language and is easy to maintain. It is a general purpose, multi paradigm language. It is thought to be user-friendly and fun, standing at #4 in the list of most loved languages in 2017.

If you decide to start a career with Swift you will probably enjoy it. Also, iOS apps have been proven to be more profitable than Android apps, meaning the salaries should be higher too.

C++: High-demand cross-platform programming language

C++ is a highly efficient and flexible language which dates back to the 1980s.

It was created as an alternative to C and gained instant popularity due to its performance, reliability, and variety of usage contexts. Many systems are created and maintained using C++. This programming language can be used to create desktop apps, games, and commercial software, especially for performance-intensive tasks. There are many career opportunities with C++.

Additionally, it can give you a deeper understanding of how programming languages work, and allow you to easily extend your knowledge by mastering another language.

There are many different opinions and advice on what programming languages to learn, but the truth is, you should base that decision on your goals. Learning a new programming language requires time and effort, so make sure you pick the one you really want to learn and can actually use in your next project.

Instead of focusing on the language’s popularity, consider whether the language is good for your career in the long run; if you can easily understand it and learn it, and enjoy working with it.

Happy coding!

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