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Symphonians are the very core and essence of Symphony Solutions. To help you feel valued and appreciated, we work relentlessly on creating a welcoming and affirming environment.

Company benefits are there to cover your every need, from the very moment you join. Grow and thrive together with Symphony Solutions! 

Company benefits



Start your first day right by receiving your personal Workstation: 

  • High-end laptop 
  • All software preinstalled 
  • It’s a gift to you from the company 
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Work and travel the world while on a Workation. Have your laptop ready, secure a good WiFi connection, and you’re all set. Wherever you want to go, we will follow. 

Being able to travel and work in lovely seaside location is a fantastic benefit. A top tip – choose your spot carefully. You´ll need adequate shade, a good power source and a strong internet connection, and have shelter from the wind if you want your online calls to work well. Oh, and of course a good supply of cool drinks! 

Eduardo Dos Remedios, VP of IGaming at Symphony Solutions 


Pick your preferred healthcare provider and access high-quality medical services – from regular check-ups to urgent care.  We cover 70 to 100% of the costs.

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Symphony Academy is our Training Center that answers your requests for continuous learning and upskilling, organizes tech hubs, and creates communities for professionals striving for knowledge.

Pass certification – we cover the costs! 

Symphony Solutions supports certification on several tracks driven by SDO, such as:  

  • AWS  
  • Microsoft  
  • ISTQB 


Agile Certifications 

Symphony Solutions’ LACE specialists are highly skilled and internationally certified Agile experts. They provide trainings to nurture your Agile mindset and help you pass certification. 


NEO Program for new employees is a collaborative experience that introduces company standards, processes, and culture. 

  • Online format 
  • 4-day intensive 
  • Newcomers from all locations 
  • Lectures and trainings with subject matter experts 
  • Meet the Leadership Team 
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We like to celebrate Symphonian’s every milestone from the first day at work to every anniversary. We are most proud of our cool loyalty gifts – a trip to Amsterdam with the founder and CEO Theo Schnitfink after 5 years, and a week in New York after 10 years! 

Each Symphony team gets a dedicated budget for team buildings a few times year. Pick a destination or an activity and create some fond memories to last! 

Symphonians get 30 days of vacation per year, starting from the moment they join the company, that they are free to use however they like.


Symphonians like to keep moving, go into all kinds of sports, and have a special soft spot for running. The company has dedicated funds for your monthly expenses on a gym membership or other sports activities to help you always stay active and healthy. 


Come into the Dutch styled office with Friesian cow replicas and the open park center modeled after the historic village of Zaanse Schans. The interior design celebrates different aspects of the Dutch culture. The Old Amsterdam Café is a nod to the famous brown cafés in Amsterdam. 

Get free breakfast and lunch in the office.  

Healthy and delicious meals are freshly cooked and served by our catering partner.  

Hot beverages to your taste are available around the clock. 

Recommend your friend and get a bonus! 

Know a colleague or friend who would be interested as well?  

Feel free to refer them for one of the positions available.  

Please, contact us or more details regarding the Referral program – nataliia.draganchuk@symphony-solutions.com

Symphony Anywhere welcomes you to work from any part of the world, yet we still want you to feel a part of the Symphony family. Anywherians get to have four business trips each year to visit one of the delivery centers.