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Be Agile Event. Use Scrum and Common Sense

Scrum training

Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean etc. have become buzzwords not only for those working in software development teams but also for much… softer roles and specialization.

And as we already know from the previous articles knowing something and using it with a common sense is not the same. One may have participated in a training on Agile or even have been certified, however, as practice shows it won’t always guarantee that this person would become a skillful user of the framework.

Now, in the best spirit of a retrospective, we can say that this 8-hour training (lasting two days) satisfied all needs of project managers who were eager to understand Agile principles of project management. It navigated “lost” team leads and tech leads who had been trying to find their place in a scrum team. And this event has also proved that anyone (like our HR/ERM coordinators) may become an Agile leader and application agent on flexible interactive approaches.

Scrum training


Scrum training
Scrum training

Even those SMART conservatives who like alchemists are constantly trying to figure out how to work effectively and efficiently WILL find all the necessary ingredients in any of an Agile frameworks.

Dig deep and do your best to understand THE principles. And then magic practice, fail fast, practice again and USE your common sense. Life will never be the same again! 🙂

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