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“Agile Transformation Company of 2017” Award

Symphony Solutions Agile Transformation Company of the Year

Throughout the years, business management styles have changed and evolved. Each one more advanced and efficient than the previous one. In the 21st century, technology has made a huge impact on our lives, and will continue to influence the way we live and work. To stay effective in the modern workplace, companies need to understand how to adapt to the new requirements.

These past several years the pace of change has gotten a lot faster, which amplified the need to be agile.  A multitude of reasons, including digitization, increasing globalization, companies looking well beyond their traditional borders, has lead companies to adopting the Agile principles and changing the organization’s leadership style to one more fitting to an Agile environment.

Agile in Everything We Do

Following this global trend, and driven by the idea to create a company that is focused on individuals, team work and interactions instead of profit and processes, Symphony Solutions adopted the Agile principles, transforming the traditional workplace into a modern one. Our company and culture are in sync with Agile. We have broken down the barriers of corporate organizations and removed the strict hierarchical structure that make companies strict and rigid. We’ve put trust at the center of our relations, and dedicated a lot of time and effort to make the workplace comfortable and productive for everyone.

Our dedication to Agile is also visible in the way all of our departments work. Everyone in the company, from the leadership team, to the juniors, from developers and QAs, to the Finance and ERM teams,  Agile. To ensure this, our Agile coaching team is training every Symphonian to think and work by following the Agile principles and using the best tools and practices.

Additionally, our culture greatly relies on and represents some fundamental Agile principles. We trust that everyone will do the right thing, constantly trying to motivate employees to learn and grow and allow them to work in self-organizing teams.

Agile Transformation Services for Clients and Partners

The constant progress and expansion have confirmed that our choice to be Agile is only helping us work smarter and better. We use our resources more effectively, grow faster, and attract the right talent and clients to work with. Inspired by our success story, we are eager to help other companies undergo Agile transformations of their own organizations, and improve the way they work. Our team of experienced and certified coaches is always happy to guide and coach our clients and partners through this process, and help them change and adapt to the fast-evolving IT business world.

Furthermore, we created Agile Space, a community of Agile believers, practitioners and supporters so they can meet, collaborate and learn more about the latest and greatest Agile and Scrum tools and practices. Also, through this platform we provide trainings, unconferences, workshops and certification classes conducted by coaches approved by Scrum Alliance.

Recognition of our Efforts

This dedication to creating an Agile company, and an environment that instigates growth, is flexible and adaptable has been recognized by The Technology Headlines, and we received an award for being “Agile Transformation Company of the Year”.

“What truly sets Symphony Solutions apart is not the range of services they provide, but their Agile-driven modus operandi. To that accord, every employee respects and works by the Agile principles. Starting from the leadership team, to the latest junior hires, even the Finance and Human Resources, in Symphony called Employee Relationship Management teams are Agile”, The Technology Headlines noted in their article.

Receiving this award has confirmed that being Agile and helping other companies follow the same principles is the correct approach towards organizational structure and management. The positive reactions from clients and industry influencers such as The Technology Headlines is encouraging us to stay on Agile rails, and motivating us to continue improving our organization.