A La Carte Benefits Program: A Delicious Experience! 


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Symphony Solutions has recently presented its new and advanced A La Carte Benefits Program that all Symphonians across the board get to enjoy starting spring 2023. What’s so great about it, you ask? Oh boy! Let us tell you all about it! 

Why Benefits A La Carte 

As Symphony Solutions transitioned into a virtual-first company, we felt the need to transform our benefits program so that each and every one could enjoy the perks of being a Symphonian. We wanted to go beyond what is typically offered by your run-of-the-mill corporate benefit program. So, we have conducted thorough market research and analyzed how different companies approach building their benefits proposition.

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Having distilled the best ideas and concepts, we came up with an idea of what could be the ‘cherry on top’ of Symphony Solutions benefits package. That’s how Benefits A La Carte came into being.

Benefits A La Carte is a unique program that:

  1. Goes beyond location. As a global company, Symphony Solutions stepped away to location-based benefits and came up with a way that would cater to each Symphonian. 
  2. Promotes equity. No matter the location, department, job level, or your time with the company, all Symphonians get to use a wide selection of benefits and customize the program to their needs. 
  3. Sets a strong foundation. We know where our priorities lie. That’s why core benefits are always guaranteed. You can rely on Symphony Solutions where it matters most. 
  4. Prioritizes the person. Each Symphonian is a unique individual and a strong professional, and this is reflected in our new benefits program. Benefits A La Carte can be everything that you want it to be and more. 

Simply put, we value your unique self and want to cater to your individual tastes. With Benefits A La Carte, you get the freedom and flexibility to create your custom experience of being a Symphonian. This way no two benefits packages are exactly the same, just like no two Symphonians are alike. It’s the touch of personality that makes each Symphonian an expert in their own way, and we want to keep it that way all throughout, embrace and lift you up the way that works best for you.

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Benefits A La Carte: Behind the idea 

Who doesn’t like dessert? We sure do! It’s a nice treat after a hearty meal that we’re all looking forward to. So why not transfer the same experience to your work life? That’s how we came up with the idea of Symphony A La Carte Benefits Program.

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Just like we love having a nice selection whenever eating out, when it comes to benefits, we all have our different preferences and cravings. You know best how to nurture your body and charge your brain with nutrients. The same goes for our benefits package. 

A waffle cone and double scoop sounds like a good solid treat but it’s the extras that add the sparkle. Load it up with even more flavor and crunch.

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Core + Extras: New benefits package deconstructed 

What do you get in the benefits package with the new A La Carte proposition? Let’s get to the bottom of it. 

Core Benefits 

A strong foundation for your unique experience as a Symphonian is the Core benefits. These are the essentials that are always guaranteed. 

  • From the first day when you join the company, Symphony Solutions provides you with all that you need for a successful start of your career, such as your personal Workstation and the NEO Program, where you get to learn everything there is to being part of the company. 
  • Once you know your way around, Symphony Academy is there to provide you with opportunities for continuous learning and upskilling. 
  • For a good work-life balance, you get 30 days of Paid Time Off free to use however you like and Team buildings with a dedicated budget for your team. 
  • We celebrate each new milestone with you with the Loyalty program and for those personal life achievements, you get Occasional gifts. 
  • We take care of your health with a solid Medical insurance plan and unlimited Paid sick leaves, so that you’re always on top of your performance. For several occasions, Symphonians are entitled to extra 3 days of special leave fully paid. 
  • Once you are settled and content with your Symphonian life, share it with your friends or acquaintances through the Referral program. This way they too can explore our opportunities and you can get a bonus for each successful referral.

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Benefits A La Carte 

When we think about what adds that extra flavor to an already delicious meal, it’s all about sugar, spice, and everything nice! We have translated this concept into our work environment and thought of what can elevate it to a new level. All Symphonians get to enjoy creating their custom benefits package within a yearly budget. 

  • Home office arrangement 

Sugar gives you that rush and an instant boost of energy! A proper office arrangement can do the same for your personal productivity. Create your perfect home office environment while working from home. This can be an ergonomic computer desk and office chair, or a widescreen monitor and surround sound speakers. With the Home office arrangement benefit, Symphonians can choose to create their personal space at home or go to their favorite Coworking space – wherever they feel most productive. 

  • Mental health & Well-being 

A healthy body and a sound mind make for a balanced work life. Symphony Solutions’ holistic approach to life and work means providing a variety of options for Symphonians to stay healthy in and out. Think of it as a superfood for your lifestyle that helps you take care of your body and mind – Gym reimbursement and Private psychological sessions are our way to do that. Symphony Solutions’ unique advantage is the Workation benefit, where you can take charge of your work-life balance, travel the world, and make fond memories with your friends and family – all this while staying on top of your responsibilities. 

  • Learning & Development 

At Symphony Solutions, we want to give you the tools to build yourself up as a professional and continuously improve your skill set. The extra learning and development benefits extend to what may not yet be covered by Symphony Academy. We’re not about to set any obstacles in your self-improvement journey, so this comes as a way for you to keep pursuing your professional objectives with an Individual training budget that you can spend on trainings, courses, and English classes, as well as pursue Extra certifications. 

Symphony Solutions is building a worldwide community of professionals and industry experts. When you become a Symphonian, you get to enjoy the unique advantages that come with it: 

  • Virtual Communities connect you to Symphonians located across 17+ countries and give you a space to network and hang out. 
  • Work from Anywhere. As long as you’ve got your personal workstation and a good internet connection, nothing can stop you from being your best productive self. 

We are building a multicultural community that embraces equity, freedom, and support. 

What Symphonians say
Since the launch of the new benefits program, some Symphonians have already given it a taste. Here’s what they think about it.

What’s next? 

Visit our A La Carte Benefits program page and learn more about the sweet deal that is being a Symphonian.

Ready to get a taste of that? Check out open vacancies now.

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