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A conference to attend – DevConf

Symphony Solutions as a Silver sponsor attended the DevConf in Krakow on September 26-28.

Each year, there’s a plethora of different tech conferences on good programming habits, unconventional coding techniques, and ways of creating versatile software. But what makes DevConf stand out? How does it gather hundreds of participants annually? Symphony Solutions thinks it’s because this event is tailored to developers and not companies.

Focusing on Developers

DevConf gives developers opportunities through informal conversations and sustained training sessions. Over 3 days, 4 workshops were held, and many learned how to identify software bottlenecks, how to use microservices, and what tech works best with blockchains.  Regardless of the programing language one uses, the conference aims to spark inspiration, motivation, and ideas.

The Speakers

With more than 35 speakers on board, the event explored new programming environments, case studies, and programming hooks. The headliners of the event were:

  • Dominick Baier – on authentication of users and machines, securing APIs, and connecting various front-ends to these secured APIs.
  • Spencer Schneidenbach – the basics of creating a single-page application using React as the view framework
  • Michał Jankowski  – on using Azure serverless component to build the backend of your application

Learning through coding

The conference had a strong focus on developers with different skill sets. Complex information was presented in a clear, accessible manner. By teaching basic code first and advance commands second, the audience got familiar with all the prerequisites needed to develop clean software.

Speakers conveyed their expertise by demonstrating software products, their usage, and the effects once employed. Throughout the conference, attendees got to try unfamiliar techniques to build a prototype software, solve intricate puzzles or create a simple program with minimum efforts. Participants learned how clever coding can accelerate the development process, and how one can use similar code structures to build homebrew projects fast.

See you next year!

It was important for Symphony Solutions to sponsor the event as it helps developers sharpen their skills and explore the latest trends in programming. Our engineers learned more on how to operate in a mobile-ready environment, understood core concepts behind popular dev frameworks, and know how to expedite, scale and flex software effectively. As more industry experts join the conference, Symphony Solutions looks forward to the event next year.

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