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Symphony Solutions | September 23, 2017

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Software Architecture for Engineers at Symphony Solutions

On July 14th-16th we were happy to host training “Software Architecture for Engineers” in Symphony Solutions Lviv office. The event consisted of 24 lecturing hours and embraced a fairly wide range of topics.

software architecture symphony solutions

The main aim of the training was to provide participants with deep and enhanced knowledge of software architecture, its place in Software Development Lifecycle and role and scope of the responsibilities the Architect should embrace. 

The trainer Victor Teslenko (Kyiv, UA) also explained how Architectural Design occurs. He covered the topic of common architectural concepts and principles and disclosed Data and Object Modeling, Qualities of Distributed Systems, State and CAP theorem and analysis of Software Architecture.

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During the event all participants got the chance not only to learn how to deliver software of the excellent quality but how to translate business ideas into efficient engineering solutions. Agenda consisted of lectures as well as of group practical part, which allowed the participants to apply gained knowledge and test it in the safe environment. The participants were given three real cases to examine and elaborate.

software architecture symphony solutions 3

Dmytro Babchuk, Software Engineer at Symphony Solutions:

“It was an amazing training. The trainer was really experienced and willing to share. There were many practical cases, which are always cool to investigate and learn from. I am very satisfied with the content of the training as I gained many ideas which can be easily applied within my project”.