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Symphony Solutions | October 20, 2017

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Our Name


The name Symphony Solutions has been chosen because of the similarity between a symphony orchestra and our project teams.

  • Like a symphony orchestra is trying to give its best performance every time to its audience, our project teams strive to deliver the best possible solutions to our clients.
  • As musicians need to learn new pieces of music for a new performance, our specialists need to learn the specific customer requirements for our new projects.
  • Like musicians constantly need to train and practice to improve their knowledge and skills, our specialists need to do the same.
  • Like in a symphony orchestra, members of our projects cannot just work as individuals but also have to work in close harmony with each other.
  • Like a symphony orchestra needs the audience for its performance we need our clients to work closely with our teams.
  • Like a symphony orchestra needs someone to conduct its performance we need someone not to manage but to conduct our projects as well.
  • Like a technically perfect performance of a symphony orchestra can only differentiate itself through the passion that musicians put in, we also differentiate through the passion that our people put into their work every single day.