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Symphony Solutions | October 20, 2017

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Our Approach


Preferred way of cooperation

At Symphony Solutions we strongly believe that our customers will gain the biggest benefits if they focus on having their own (virtual) Nearshore Development Center (NDC).

Some of the main benefits are:

  • Being able to work at the most cost efficient way.
  • Ensuring the highest level of team continuity.
  • Being able to transfer part of our customer’s culture to their own Nearshore Development team.

Preferred methodology

For most projects we recommend to work in Agile (Scrum) environment. However ,we prefer to kick off every project with a Scoping “workshop” in order to:

  • Define the Scope of the project.
  • Prioritize the functionality.
  • Develop business case.
  • Estimate project size, time frame and cost.

These “workshops” are usually conducted at the customer’s premises, managed and facilitated by a Symphony team. During the Scoping, the representatives of IT, future business (end-) users and management will reach consensus and decide on the above mentioned issues.

Preferred price and costing model.

Realizing that cost management is a significant consideration for working in a Nearshore environment we recommend our customers to work according to our “Open Calculation” model. This offers total transparency to our customers about the actual project cost and Symphony’s corporate margin. This model comes closest to having an environment with your own employees and ensures the lowest possible cost.