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Symphony Solutions | October 20, 2017

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Values that Shape Our Corporate Culture

July 3, 2017

Corporate values are often referred to as “guiding principles that help define people’s behavior in a company”. They provide internal and external advantages to the company, and educate clients and potential customers about what the company is and how it operates. Read More

Charity hackathon KindHack gathered kind hearts at Symphony Solutions

December 5, 2016

On December 3-4 Symphony Solutions hosted a charity hackathon, KindHack. The event gathered more than 20 people who were dedicated to developing social-mattered IT-products for local environmental NGOs.

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions


Hackathon started with the presentation from NGOs representatives who explained their aims and objectives. Three NGOs assigned to take part in hackathon: NGO Umka with carbon footprint project, NGO Eko Lviv, whose website provides information about recycling waste, and NGO Better Story, which planned to create an online catalog of homeless dogs hosted and sustained by volunteers.

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 2

Participants were able to choose the project they were willing to help. According to this, they divided into three teams. Luckily, each team had a Front-End and a Back-End developer, and a designer.

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 3

And the work started…

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 4

charity-hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 5

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 6

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 7

Participants were so passionate and involved, that even with the night coming almost everybody stayed with their teams and continue coding, discussing and looking for the best solution to implement. Many people spent the whole night in Symphony’s office, fueling minds and bodies with liters of coffee and energy drinks.

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 8

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 9

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 10

On Sunday’s evening, tired, but inspired, all teams presented a product that is ready to be tested on local hosts and go live.

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 11

It was impossible to choose a winner because everybody did their best. So, participants agreed to rely on the random luck. Seven lucky lottery winners got power banks from hackathon’s main technical sponsor  Neo Service. All participants got certificates that confirm their participation in the hackathon and some small prizes. In fact, the most rewarding part of the event was the ability to make this world a better place to live, at least for somebody, at least in some way.

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 12

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 13

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 14

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 15

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 16

charity hackaton kindhack at symphony solutions 17

As Liliana Tymoshenko, one of the NGOs representatives, stated:

“We are really amazed at hackathon’s results. It has exceeded our expectations. Our project, Dogbook was developed by developers and designer. Among them were two students, who did a wonderful job in coding Back-end with Python. I think that in this particular case enthusiasm means much more than years of experience. We are amazed how many people with truly kind hearts joined KindHack”.

GDG DevFest 2016 – Make the most of the development. Make the most of you!

June 8, 2016

Ukrainian Google Developers Groups are proud to announce the fifth annual GDG DevFest 2016 – the biggest Google related event in Ukraine carefully crafted for you by GDG community! The event will take place on 9-10th of September in Lviv.[more…]

What to expect

More than 500 attendees, 30 speakers from top tech companies and Google Developer Experts from all around the globe.
3 parallel tracks dedicated to Android, Web and Cloud technologies.
35 sessions, 6 workshops from world experts.
No marketing bullshit, only relevant technical discussions!

Hurry up to book tickets to the Lviv, the new IT capital of Ukraine to get your portion of inspiration to create cool innovative projects in the company of coders, hackers, geeks and experts of our industry.


Google Developers Group Lviv (GDG Lviv) in together with the Google Developer Groups from all over Ukraine. Each group – is open to all community of developers that create exciting projects and share their experience with passion about Google technologies.


The newly built exhibition center Pivdennyi Expo can fulfill the needs of the large-scale event. With convenient geographical position, well-planned infrastructure and modern equipment, expocentre will provide the nicest atmosphere for knowledge exchange and networking.

Stay tuned

Find information about the registration, speakers, tickets and other latest news on the conference website or social networks Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

LEAD module on Developing and driving good performing teams

May 27, 2016

Our new Business Unit Manager Jesper Moller delivered a training session on how to develop and drive good-performing teams using the most solid work and research on leadership in the world, and yet at the same drawing the parallel with Symphony’ core approach to training.

Developing and driving good performing teams[more…]

Gallup Research studied more than one million work teams, conducted more than 20,000 in-depth interviews with leaders, and even interviewed more than 10,000 followers around the world to ask exactly why they followed the most important leader in their life. This enabled Gallup to compare the strengths of each person on the team and to start thinking about how the organization looks as a whole. What emerged from these data are four distinct domains of leadership strength that are the necessary components of all great teams. It serves a team well to have a representation from each of these domains — whether in the leader or within the team members.

Developing and driving good performing teams

Developing and driving good performing teams

Leaders who are strongly self-aware and realistic about their own talents and strengths are the most likely to pick a team that helps shore up their weaknesses. A strong strategist, for example, will recognize the importance of having a relationship builder on board. This ability to build a well-rounded team is the mark of a successful leader, no matter which particular talents or strengths he or she possesses.

And, as always, the best way to learn and to test its usefulness is through applying it.

Developing and driving good performing teams

Developing and driving good performing teams

Developing and driving good performing teams

Developing and driving good performing teams

Developing and driving good performing teams

Developing and driving good performing teams

How to learn and how to teach

May 20, 2016

Think about anything you have recently learnt. What did actually happen to ensure the learning? What is learning? Do you know that you follow the same steps whether learning to ride a bike, a new programming language, to speak a language or to figure out how new software works?

There are two primary actions that define both learning and individual learning style. Once you understand these preferences, you can address them successfully.

How to learn and how to teach[more…]

Our training “Learn when teaching others” part 1 by Symphony Academy spell out the formula of how to engage and reach 100% of your audience or to ensure that your learning is effective. It is possible, provided one knows their preferential learning and teaching style, how our brain works, what sequence to follow, how to move through all learning stages, and what methods to apply to each stage.

How to learn and how to teach
How to learn and how to teach

Of course, given training is built around our integral element of development, which is PersonalColor. Moreover, this approach is complimented by the work of James Zull “The Art of changing the Brain”, where he explicitly shares his insight into four stages of the cycle: engage, share, practice, apply. “If it’s not practiced, it’s not learnt” and so the participants love this part the most, as it shows one the area of unconscious incompetence in a fun and humorous way.

How to learn and how to teach

As the main take-away from the training participants received a guide with 8-step process on how to ensure brain-based training.

How to learn and how to teach

Special Personal Color training as integral element of our approach

April 20, 2016

It’s not a secret that a rainbow has got seven colors. We all have our special ones. What if those colors could define your acceptance of others and vice versa? At Symphony we learn to accept all colors of the rainbow.

Read More

Happy Easter from Symphony Solutions!

March 25, 2016

Happy Easter from Symphony Solutions

Symphony Solutions shares the warmest wishes on the occasion of Easter Holidays!
We sincerely wish you to have a blessed and wonderful Easter!
May your holidays be filled with love, peace and joy of spring time!


Symphony Solutions: cool to work for, cool to work with!

March 10, 2016

Dreaming of that perfect place that would meet your expectations?

It’s always good to have dreams and  you should also make them come true!

what would be cool to have in your company

Talking about a dream job, everybody can mean different things. It may be just the work you’d love or you’re good at, the one that can help you improve yourself and grow. Or you are a coffee lover and in the middle of a diligent work day would enjoy taking a “not-from-the-machine” coffee pause. Have you ever thought about having a soothing massage right at your job place? Or healthy lunches at the authentic Dutch café? Maybe you finally want to attend yoga classes, but it’s still always “from Monday”?



What if you could have everything of this at your work and even more?

Symphony Solutions will manage your dream coming true:Flexible working hours, competitive salaries and compensation packages, New Employee Orientation Programme, “same desk” policy, regular trainings and knowledge-sharing sessions, free English courses, health-care services, authentic Dutch café, energizing yoga room, soothing massage room, cozy baby room and spirit of the theatre.

Is still something missing? Our employees have an access to the Idea Box, from where any purpose can be implemented. Get working and relaxing conditions you need!


Join our team and have the job you deserve!

 Symphony Solutions – your dreams come true here!

Symphony Eco-numbers!

November 30, 2015

Our Green Office Week has successfully ended and we are very glad that many new green innovations are from now on present in our everyday life!

Here are some Eco-numbers of our company – our results in 2015 and our plans for 2016!

We are sure that this initiative is worthy of following! Take a look at our Green Infographic: