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Symphony Solutions | June 25, 2017

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Symphony Solutions became a Google Partner

April 18, 2017

We are proud to announce that the Symphony Solutions marketing team earned the Google Partner badge in search advertising. 

Google partner

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Symphony Solutions to take part in CodeFest 2017 in Ohrid, Macedonia

April 4, 2017

On April 7-9 Symphony Solutions will take part in CodeFest, global IT event in Ohrid, Macedonia.

symphony solutions at codefest in ohrid macedonia

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Symphony Solutions – Partner of the Lviv concert of Simon Trpčeski

March 20, 2017

Symphony Solutions became a partner of the concert of the famous Macedonian pianist Simon Trpčeski. The concert was held on March, 17 in Lviv Philharmonic.

symphony solutions partner simon trpceski concert

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VIDEO – Celebration of the 5th Anniversary as Symphonian to the Netherlands!

February 6, 2017

We at Symphony Solutions appreciate loyalty and trust that our employees bring to the company. And they’re not just pretentious words.

Symphony Solutions trip to Amsterdam

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Agile Space to Launch New Certification Classes by Scrum Alliance in Lviv

January 25, 2017

We are pleased to announce that Agile Space continues to conduct events dedicated to Agile and Scrum at Symphony Solutions.

Agile Space

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Symphony Solutions Poland LLC to be a partner of the Employer’s Day in Rzeszów

January 23, 2017

Symphony Solutions Poland LLC continues its work on employer branding in Poland. On January 24, a company’s representative will present Symphony Solutions at the Employer’s Day at the University of IT Technology and Management in Rzeszów, Poland.

symphony solutions at employers day rzeszow

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Christmas greetings from Symphony Solutions!

December 24, 2016

christmas greetings symphony solutions

May beautiful moments surround you with joy this Christmas and may success and happiness knock on your door throughout the New Year!

Symphony Solutions at the career fairs in Poland

December 7, 2016

Symphony Solutions Employer Branding continues… On November 26 Symphony Solutions became a Golden partner at Kariera IT in Rzeszow, Poland.

career fair in rzeszow 5

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Green Week at Symphony Solutions. How to run eco-friendly IT company?

November 30, 2016

Green Week at Symphony Solutions is over, but not our eco-initiatives. The new ones are at the growing stage and some have already become a habit for Symphonians.

symphony green week


We’ll start with a bit of history. Two years ago we moved to a new office in Lviv. From the very beginning, Symphony Solutions was a socially responsible business with a desire to contribute to the nature and surroundings. To do so, we have launched Green Week, which is a series of eco and charity events that aim to improve our office sustainability and make some positive impact on others’ lives whenever it’s possible. First Green Week took part last year and the second one has just finished.

If the first one was dedicated to the environment and sustainability, Green Week 2016 was more about caring for others and healthy lifestyle. We believe that healthy and kind people are more likely take care of our planet.

So, the Green Week’s menu consisted of different activities, workshops, and yeah, the real menu for Symphonians was also improved.

Each day started with morning exercises and special healthy breakfasts (as you might know, early birds at Symphony Solutions are provided with a free meal in the morning).

symphony green week morning exercises

symphony green week breakfast

Workshops series was opened with the eco workshop from Ivan Nesterenko, CEO & Founder at Zelenew. He taught Symphonians how to breathe new life into plastic waste and turn it into original trash bins, pencil holders, and even lamps.

symphony green week recycling 1

symphony green week recycling 2

symphony green week recycling 3

Eduard Golyak from the Dreamers Place held a culinary workshop and shared his knowledge on how to fuel the body with healthy food such as cold-pressed juice, yeast-free chapati with sprout sauce and fruit flambe.

symphony green week cooking 1

symphony green week cooking 2

symphony green week cooking 3

symphony green week cooking 4

The last but not the least was a workshop on creating Florariums which can add coziness to wherever you’ll put them.

symphony green week florarium 1

symphony green week florarium 2

symphony green week florarium 3

The closing note is Charity Hackathon KindHack that will gather kind hearted people to develop IT products for NGOs on December 3-4.

Macedonian office was also actively involved. Symphonians in Skopje learned how to reuse plastic using the 3D printer.


Eco-activist Vasko Cacanovski held a presentation about reusing, reducing and recycling materials.

symphony green week macedonia presentation

As in Lviv, the final masterclass was dedicated to Florariums.

symphony green week macedonia florarium 1

symphony green week macedonia florarium 2

symphony green week macedonia florarium 3

During the year we have been measuring Lviv office eco starts and it seems like it’s time to praise ourselves.

Symphonians adopted sustainable habits and programs that were launched during the first Green Week very fast. Despite the fact that during the year Lviv office has expanded by 24% and we got many new people (+30% if to be exact), a positive eco dynamic is still growing. Numbers are speaking by themselves.

symphony green week eco numbers

symphony greenweek eco numbers


• Usage of electricity is reduced by 16% comparing with last year. During the last Green Week, we stuck funny stickers with reminders to switch the light off and changed all lamps to LED.

• Usage of paper cups is reduced almost twice (by 47% if to compare with last year). Symphonians come to the coffee bar with their own cups. Paper cups are used mostly by company’s guests and newcomers

• Despite the growing number of people, the amount of wasted plastic hasn’t grown. All wasted plastic is recycled

• 1367 batteries have been recycled this year. It overcomes last year’s result by 67%

• Finally, the total amount of waste is reduced by 27%! For us, it is a sign of environmental awareness of Symphonians

• Amount of plants is increased from 150 to 167, so the balance: 1 plant per 2 Symphonians is kept

• We still have 3 turtles and fishes that happily live in our office. Compared with last year we have more fishes by 33%! 🙂

• Bicycle fans now can leave their transport at secured parking. Hope that it will also increase the amount of people who prefer eco transport


We just added one more measurement to be able to track water usage within the office. Will keep you posted!

If to be honest, we are delighted with how quickly we have managed to reduce waste of some materials and hopefully next year we will come up with even better results!