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Symphony Solutions | October 20, 2017

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Symphony Benefits


In this section you are not going to read any of that ordinary information which is on regular companies’ website. Of course we have competitive salaries and compensation packages. We do have comfortable office with Wifi zones and relaxation areas. But it is better to see them that to read about them.

What you will find here is the proof that we are different. So different that our management sits at the same desks as juniors do. We are different in a way we choose our colleagues, how we work and how we relax.

We have a lovely kitchen with fish tank and a turtle, a football table that can become very noisy at times. We don’t like suits and ties, because we think that no individual can be creative when constantly worrying about the shape of their clothes. We work in a world where there are no limits: technological, professional, geographic or any other.

“Colleagues choose colleagues”: 

Can you imagine working not only with your colleagues but with friends? Wouldn’t you like to try yourself as a recruiter and choose your co-workers? Guess what? At Symphony Solutions you can! All symphonians have an opportunity to be involved in the recruiting process. Only candidates approved by our colleagues will be presented to our management and our clients. As a result – 2% of conflicts and 98% of happy employees.

“Leadership instead of management”:

At Symphony Solutions we do not manage but conduct projects. “What’s the difference?” you may ask. Well, as a result you work in harmony with all team and meanwhile have your own space to play the way you like.

But that’s not all! Joining us you have a unique opportunity to enjoy great international working environment, directly communicate with customer from your 1st working day and develop yourself as a leader.

 “Same desk policy”:

All employees have equal working environment regardless of their seniority.

BTW the desks are big and comfortable.

“Choose your mentor”:

It is vital for your career to have someone to help you achieve the best results. That’s why you can choose your own mentor (resource manager) and develop your own “Personal Development Plan”. This means that mentors are NOT appointed by someone else and every senior employee could be your pick.